Fee Particular



Fee Particulars

Fee will be charged as per the directions of the Punjab Nurses Registration Council (“PNRC”), Chandigarh and Baba Farid University of Health Sciences (“BFUHS”), Faridkot.
In order to make smooth functioning for the welfare of the students, the Institute has made General Rules for payment of college Dues, which are the following:-
  • Students admitted in any course especially 1st year will be required to make full payment.
  • Students, who are not paying the dues, will not be allowed to appear in any of the examinations
  • Payment of fees by the candidates of all the categories must be made either by a Bank Draft or by Cheque(s) drawn in favor of “Seth Bishamber Nath Charitable Society”.
  • In case a student has got his/her name struck off from the college rolls, by submitting an application to the principal, he/she will be liable to pay the dues including for the period of absence.
  • The fees are provisional and subject to change in accordance with the decision of the Courts/Govt. of Punjab/BFUHS etc.
  • In case a student leaves the institution/college during academic session, he/she will have to deposit all the dues for that particular course.
  • Students who are not paying the dues within 30 days after the scheduled date, the name of that particular student will be struck off from the college rolls and subsequently will be reported to the PNRC & BFUHS. Such student may be re-admitted on payment of re-admission fee and fine @ INR 10/day, if allowed by the Principal.
  • That as per the notification of Government of Punjab vides order no. 5/48/2007-3HB3/1982 dated 31-03-2008 Page No.10, Note No.2. “I hereby submit a Bank Guarantee/bond that I will be liable to pay the balance fee for the whole course even if I will leave in midstream.”
* Any issue/litigation in respect to fees , admission etc will be subject to the jurisdiction of Jalandhar, Punjab.

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