Sukhmani Paath


Sukhmani Paath

Seeking Blessings, Embracing Harmony: Phoenix Institute's Soulful Sukhmani Paath Ceremony

At Phoenix, the Global Institute of Nursing, we were privileged to conduct a divine Sukhmani Paath within our premises. This auspicious occasion allowed us to unite as a community and engage in a spiritual journey of tranquility and inner peace.

The Sukhmani Paath is a cherished Sikh prayer that soles the hearts and minds of those who participate. It is a recitation of the sacred hymns from the Guru Granth Sahib, the central scripture of Sikhism, with the intention of seeking blessings, protection, and spiritual well-being.

The atmosphere during the Sukhmani Paath was serene and filled with devotion. Students, faculty, staff, and community members gathered to immerse themselves in the divine verses and experience a deep connection with the divine.

Through this sacred event, we aimed to foster a sense of unity, harmony, and respect for diverse religious traditions within our institute. The Sukhmani Paath served as a reminder of the importance of spirituality, compassion, and humility in nursing, guiding us to provide care with love and kindness.

Join us as we continue to embrace the spirit of Sukhmani Paath and cultivate an atmosphere of peace, harmony, and spiritual well-being at Phoenix, the Global Institute of Nursing. Let us create a nurturing environment that empowers students to become compassionate healthcare professionals guided by love, service, and devotion.