A Dynamic Guide to GNM Nursing Course Subjects Syllabus


GNM Nursing Course Subjects Syllabus

With the GNM course, take an exciting journey into the nursing field. This manual reveals the topics covered in GNM nursing course subjects and provides a path to becoming a skilled nurse. To foster compassion and competency in nursing practice, delve into the nuances of anatomy, microbiology, mental health, child health, and gynecological nursing.

Year Subjects Practical Applications
1. Anatomy and Physiology




Fundamentals of Nursing

First Aid

Health Education and Communication Skills

Environmental Hygiene

Nursing Foundation Practical

Community Health Nursing I Practical


Computer Application
2. Medical Surgical Nursing – I

Medical Surgical Nursing – II

Mental Health Nursing

Child Health Nursing
Clinical Exposure

Child Health Nursing

Mental Health Service Provision

Paediatric Care Standards
3. Midwifery

Gynecological Nursing
Midwifery and Gynaecological Nursing Practical

Community Health Nursing II

Discovering the Depths

Explore the depths of nursing education through diverse subjects and practical applications:

  • Discover the Wonders of the Human Body: A Journey through Anatomy and Physiology to learn about the workings of every part of our body, from the bones to the organs.
  • Explore the World of Tiny Creatures: Microbiology helps us understand how microbes impact our health by revealing their secrets.
  • Accept Mental Wellness: Mental Health Nursing teaches us how to feel better and deal with challenges by navigating the intricacies of emotions.
  • Nurturing Growing Bodies: Child Health Nursing advances our knowledge of children's health, from infancy to adolescence.
  • Enhance Women's Health: Gynecological nursing examines women's bodies and considers their particular health requirements at various phases of life.

Your Literary Companions:

Equip yourself with essential texts to enrich your learning journey:

Book Title
Anatomy, Physiology, and Microbiology
Community Health Nursing
Psychology and Sociology
MedicalSurgical Nursing
Child Health Nursing
GNM Midwifery Case Book
Community Health Nursing
Paediatric Nursing

Expanding Horizons Online:

Enhance your knowledge and skills with a myriad of online courses:

  • Paramedical Courses: Explore allied healthcare professions such as medical laboratory technology and radiography.
  • Nursing Courses: Expand your expertise in specialized nursing areas and leadership skills.
  • Physiotherapy Courses: Dive into musculoskeletal rehabilitation and physical therapy techniques.
  • Psychology Courses: Gain insights into patient assessment and mental health promotion.
  • Pharmacy Courses: Master medication management and pharmacology principles.
  • Medical Courses: Explore diverse medical specialties and treatment modalities.


With the extensive GNM nursing course subjects, set out on your path to nursing greatness. Equipped with knowledge and useful abilities, develop empathy while providing patient, accountable, and committed service to mankind. This route plan guarantees a rewarding profession committed to improving the lives of others.