Institution Rules

Students shall comply with Institutions Rules & Regulations.
Discipline of the Institute is to be strictly observed. If discipline is breached, the student shall be expelled from the Institute.
Regular and punctual attendance at lectures and practical demonstration is compulsory.
In the class-room, students shall be properly dressed in uniform as per the instructions directed by BFUHS.
Students shall maintain silence in the library at all times.
Students missing clinical training are required to make up during their vacations or they will not be declared passed in their current examination.
Students are forbidden to address any outside authority directly.
Institute does not hold itself responsible for student’s debts whatsoever.
The decision of the Principal in all academic disputes would be final and binding on students.
Students are not allowed to have any visitor(s) in the class-room or while working in the clinical area.
Students are not allowed to arrange their clinical experience on their own.
Ragging of students is not permitted and shall be a punishable offence.
Students are strictly forbidden from appearing in any other examinations/course during the period of training.
Students must get minimum 50% marks in all the monthly tests/examinations.
Any grievance/complaint of the student is to be brought to the notice of the Principal, who will help in resolving at the earliest. In case of unsatisfactory redressal of issue at hand, the student can approach the management of the Institution.
Student shall have 90% attendance for all the theoretical classes and 100% attendance for clinical duties to sit for the final exams.
Fee can be deposited by cash or cheque/demand draft in favour of Seth Bishamber Nath Charitable Society.
Fees must be deposited within the stipulated time in order to avoid fine of Rs.10/- per day as late fee.
Studentscan get permission for leave from the Principal, only in case of emergency.
Students are advised not to wear any expensive ornament/ jewellery in the Hostel/Class Rooms/Clinical areas. In case of any loss or mishap, the Institution does not take any responsibility whatsoever.
In case of indiscipline or misbehavior by the student, strict disciplinary action will be taken against such student and based on the gravity of offence, in some cases expulsion from the institution.
Sick leave will be given only to the student, if it is recommended by a hospital doctor. To avail such sick leaves; a medical certificate is to be produced by the concerned student.

*It may be noted that the above mentioned rules and regulations are not exhaustive in nature.

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