Hostel Rules

  • Students will not be allowed to use any heavy electric appliance in the hostel.
  • Visitors can visit the students only on Sunday from 9am to 5pm in the visitor’s room only.
  • Relatives or parents are not allowed in the hostel.
  • Day scholars are not allowed to stay in the hostel.
  • Students are not to keep extra money or anything costly in the hostel. Management is not responsible for its loss whatsoever.
  • Without prior information, the authorities have right to search hostel or students personal belongings any time to maintain discipline and decorum of the jostle.
  • Students will be sent home, with the parents/guardians (whose photograph is being given to us in visitor list) once in two months for a maximum period of two days.
  • Leave will not be granted to any student until and unless there is a genuine emergency..
  • Students should be modestly dressed inside & outside the campus during the course of their study.
  • Students are allowed to go out off the campus only on 2nd Saturday of the month from 10am to 2pm only.
  • Students will not be allowed to use mobile phones inside the class rooms.
  • Wastage of food is not allowed in the hostel. Food should not be taken inside the hostel room.
  • The students who keep their room and surroundings neat and clean are encouraged.
  • Students should bring their own articles at the time of joining e.g. blanket & quilt, two bed sheets, pillow with pillow cover, plastic bucket with mug, stationary items, black full sleeves sweater, white stockings, utensils like steel plates, spoons, glass etc.
  • A complete list of relatives or visitors (with photographs who will visit you during your stay here, which needs to be duly signed by father/guardian).
  • Letter of permission from guardian to travel alone.
  • Water and electricity are becoming very scarce and therefore students are advised that lights, fans and other electrical devices should be switched off when not in use, in order to avoid penal action. Also every student shall ensure that any water taps are properly closed near their premises, so to avoid any wastage of water.
  • Any damage to the hostel, institution or hospital property will be compensated by the student.
  • In case of indiscipline in the hostel, after enquiry student may be asked to vacate the hostel immediately.
  • The management has the right to revise rules & regulations from time to time.

*It may be noted that the above mentioned rules and regulations are not exhaustive in nature.

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